Mozilla Thunderbird 115.8.1 Free Download

Mozilla Thunderbird Free Download is a powerful email client that includes a news reader and chat module, as well as the ability to manage multiple email accounts with advanced message filtering. Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows provides a beautiful and streamlined interface to a powerful email package that allows you to handle mail efficiently and stylishly, and Thunderbird filters away junk mail too. Get mozilla thunderbird free download.

The installation process of Mozilla Thunderbird is easy, just press a few “Next” buttons and then you can start managing your email identity. Mozilla Thunderbird Free Download has a modern and friendly interface that centralizes all software functions in several menus. The quick access toolbar provides some popular features such as writing a new email, chatting or searching. It’s very easy to manage email accounts with Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows.

You can open messages in new tabs, tag important messages with tags, and read news without leaving their interface. Mozilla Thunderbird Free Download for PC will continue to blur the distinction between the web and the desktop, while keeping in mind the importance of putting individuals in control of the online experience, and thus evolve to embrace the web. Mozilla Thunderbird manages multiple POP and IMAP email accounts and reads RSS feeds.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features and Highlights

  • Mozilla Thunderbird manages multiple POP and IMAP email accounts and reads RSS feeds.
  • A junk mail filter using Bayesian statistics can spam automatically in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Mail views, free-form message tags and flexible filters let you organize and prioritize good mail easily.
  • Searches can be saved to virtual folders that automatically aggregate relevant mail in Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird offers rich, but security and privacy conscious HTML formatting support.
  • Mail classified as junk can automatically be sanitized, Thunderbird detects common scam tactics.
  • S/MIME support lets you encrypt and sign mail in Mozilla Thunderbird (OpenPGP plug-in available).
  • You can run Mozilla Thunderbird from a removable medium such as a USB stick.
  • Many extensions allow Mozilla Thunderbird to expand its feature set or improve usability.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Thunderbird automatically downloads these small updates in the background and prompts you when they are ready to be installed.

Mozilla Thunderbird Specification & Requirements

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