OkMap Desktop 18.2.1 Crack Free Download

OkMap free Activate Crack is a powerful software for mapping, analyzing and displaying gps data. With this application you can upload online, digital maps and even maps that you have purchased. It is also capable of receiving vector data in various formats and DEM data related to postal information and terrain elevations. Get okmap desktop crack free download.

OkMap free Activate Crack allows you to organize your journeys using stations, badges, and routes and transfer this obedience to the desired gps device. The program automatically adjusts the height information of different parts and is able to estimate the mileage time. It also provides features that allow you to auto-navigate and set geographic coordinates.Get okmap desktop crack free download.

OkMap Desktop Features and Highlights

  • Display web maps for more than 70 servers (Apple, ESRI, Google, OpenStreetMap, USGS, …)
  • Italian cadastral layers: buildings, parcels, lines of dressing and zoning
  • Ability to add new custom web map servers
  • Calibration / display raster maps (over 30 image formats) (video)
  • Display vectorial maps
  • Display hybrid maps (raster + vectorial data)
  • Ability to open multiple maps simultaneously
  • 15 cartographic projections of the most used
  • Representation of coordinates in: degrees, degrees-minutes, degrees-minutes-seconds, UTM, ECEF, Open Location Code, GeoRef, US National Grid, British Grid (Ordnance Survey National Grid), Irish Grid, metric coordinates with custom projections
  • Database with about 3000 predefined projections by geographic area
  • Database with over 700 datum
  • Viewing 3D raster maps on Google Earth (for supported image formats)
  • Projects management (meta files)
  • Full screen map view
  • Map add-ons management (icons, comments)
  • Vectorial data management (point, multipoint, line, polygon)
  • GPX data management (waypoints, tracks, routes)
  • Files manager
  • Selecting multiple objects with the mouse
  • Context menu (right mouse)
  • Auto-info function
  • Zoom, autofit, zoom on selected objects functions
  • Moving map function in 3 modes
  • Docking forms
  • Customizing toolbar
  • Showing yes / no toolbar
  • Showing yes / no statusbar
  • Check new releases at startup

How to Crack, Register or Free Activation OkMap Desktop

#1: Download and Install OkMap Desktop

#2: After Install, Don’t Launch/Run Application

#3: Copy the “Crack” folder Content and Paste it to the Installed Directory

#4: Don’t Update the Program & Enjoy .

OkMap Desktop Specification & Requirements

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