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Orange Tree Samples is a renowned developer of virtual instruments and sample libraries for music production. The “SLIDE Acoustic” is one of their products, which likely focuses on realistic acoustic guitar sounds with a particular emphasis on slide guitar techniques.

Orange Tree Samples had a strong reputation for high-quality sample libraries that are used by many musicians and composers in various genres. Their products are known for their attention to detail and realism, aiming to provide composers with authentic virtual instruments that enhance their music production process.

The “SLIDE Acoustic” library would likely be tailored for musicians looking to incorporate the expressive and distinctive sound of slide guitar into their compositions. This could include various articulations and techniques specific to slide guitar playing, such as sliding between notes, vibrato, and other stylistic nuances characteristic of slide guitar performances.

Orange Tree Samples – SLIDE Acoustic Features key

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Orange Tree Samples – SLIDE Acoustic (KONTAKT) free download:

  • An impressive application that models the sound of an acoustic steel string guitar that is played with the slide.
  • Includes almost everything from keeping the slides timbre correct and the noise of actual slide moving on the strings.
  • Includes various different effects which includes tremolo, reverb, chorus, delay, amp modeling and many more.
  • Got a preset system that allows you to load factory presets and your own external preset files instantly and easily.

Orange Tree Samples – SLIDE AcousticSpecification & Requirements

702 MB

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