Orange Tree Samples–SLIDE Lap Steel Free Download

Orange Tree Samples’ “SLIDE Lap Steel” is another product in their lineup of virtual instruments and sample libraries, focusing specifically on the lap steel guitar.

A lap steel guitar is a type of slide guitar played horizontally across the player’s lap using a metal or glass slide (often called a “steel”). It produces a smooth, gliding sound that is distinct from the sound of a standard acoustic or electric guitar. Lap steel guitars are commonly associated with Hawaiian, country, and blues music, but they are also used in a variety of other musical genres.

The “SLIDE Lap Steel” sample library likely contains high-quality recordings of a lap steel guitar being played in various styles and articulations. This could include single notes, chords, slides, bends, and other expressive techniques characteristic of lap steel guitar playing.

Like other products from Orange Tree Samples, “SLIDE Lap Steel” is likely designed to provide composers and producers with a realistic and versatile virtual instrument that can be used to add authentic lap steel guitar sounds to their music productions. This can be particularly useful for creating tracks in genres where the lap steel guitar plays a prominent role or for adding a unique texture to a wide range of musical styles.

Orange Tree Samples – SLIDE Lap Steel Features key

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Orange Tree Samples – SLIDE Lap Steel (KONTAKT) free download:

  • An impressive, flexible and versatile instrument which allows you to create a wide variety of musical styles.
  • Fits flawlessly in folk, country as well as pop productions.
  • Equipped with 1GB of high quality samples with the three dynamics as well as four round-robin samples for each chromatically sampled string thus providing you with more than 2000 samples.
  • Includes five stereo cabinet impulses and spring reverb, tremolo, chorus and many more.

Orange Tree Samples–SLIDE Lap SteelSpecification & Requirements

1.37 GB

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