Paint.NET 5.0.13 Free Download for Windows

The days of having to spend big to edit photos on your PC have long gone. Now you’ll find all the functionality you need exists in free software, and one of the pioneers of this growing market was Paint.NET Download It’s been years since it received a major update, but now version 4.0 is here at long last. The program has a beautifully clean and uncluttered interface, with tabbed files access making it easy to work with multiple images at the same time. One immediate advantage over commercial rivals such as Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements is that it’s also lightning fast, although from version 4.0 you’ll need a dual-core processor to go with Windows or later to run it. Get paint net free download for windows.

With support for layers, a wide range of image formats and image editing plugins, everything you need to get started with image editing can be found here. A selection of filters and special effects are built into Paint.NET, and these can be used to enhance image or to get creative with your artwork. The program includes everything you would expect to find in an image editing package, but there are plenty of surprises when you consider that this is free software.

The gradient tool is powerful and easy to use, and unlimited levels of undo make it possible to try out several ideas without worrying about losing the original image. Paint.NET Download is the personification of what free software should be. The program is of a very high standard and features and automatic update facility so you can always be sure you are working with the latest version – and with a dedicated team of developers, updates are fairly frequent. The program has a large and active following, and there are a range of helpful hints, tips and tutorials to be found in the Paint.NET forums. This may well be the only image editor you ever need.

Paint.NET Features and Highlights

  • The tabbed intuitive interface allows for quick and easy browsing. Thumbnails are displayed in place of a description. It is therefore easy to manipulate several images and photos at the same time.
  • It includes all the necessary tools and features you might need.
  • Paint net free download for windows.
  • There are two modes of installation, both of which are quick and customizable.
  • With this application, it is possible to work on several images at once using the tools provided which include : brushes, geometrical shapes, magic wand, clone stamp.
  • Once you have finished editing, you can enhance your images with effects like blurring, sharpening, red-eye removal, distortion, noise and embossing. Note that it is possible to transform your image into an oil painting or a pencil drawing with a single click.
  • This is a great free alternative to Photoshop.

Paint.NET Full Specifications

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