QuickLook 3.7.3 Free Download 2024

If you are switching from a Mac computer to a Windows personal computer, then you won’t have the Quick Look feature anymore. This is the feature that gives you a preview of all the content in the files before you double click to open them. Fortunately, Windows users now have a way to get this feature too. QuickLook Free Download is a specialized developed application which gives you a similar quick look ability on your Windows computer. It lets you preview the content of several different file types and provides an overall better user experience.

One Key to Preview Content When you want to see the content of a particular file without using its default program to open it up, you choose the file with your cursor and then hit the Space key on your keyboard. That will cause a small window to pop up on the screen and show the content that is in the file. QuickLook Free Download lets you preview files that contain text, archives, videos, and images.

The types of documents include pdfs and word processing documents like Microsoft Word. In the preview window, you’ll be able to play videos, read text content, see images, and zoom in and out. Search and Open Files During a file preview, you can choose to open the file with its default program. In the upper-right section of the window, you’ll see the name of the application. If you’re experienced with Quick Look on Mac computers, then you can cycle through the files and content in the same way by hitting the arrow keys. As you have an active preview, you can go to a new folder.

QuickLook Features and Highlights

  • Tons of supported file types.
  • Fluent design
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • HiDPI support
  • Preview from Open and Save File Dialog
  • Preview from 3rd-party file managers (see a list here)
  • Easy extended by plugins
  • Strict GPL license to keep it free forever

QuickLook Full Specifications

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